Tattoo Aftercare

1. Take bandage off after the time you were instructed to do so (times vary depending on bandage type) and gently wash with antibacterial soap and warm water using only your hand. (Never use a cloth/sponge or anything similar to wash an unhealed tattoo.)

2. Dry your tattoo gently by patting it with a clean towel, (never wipe your unhealed tattoo.)

3. Gently apply your aftercare lotion twice a day. Apply as thin of a coat as u can each time, you don’t want to over saturate your tattoo. Use a lotion that does not contain fragrances or petroleum, good examples would be (lubriderm, aquaphor, tattoo goo, any type of tattoo lotion specifically designed for tattoos), DO NOT USE VASELINE OR A&D!!!

4. Keep your tattoo out of the sun, tanning beds, lakes, pools, or anything that submerges your tattoo for long periods of time (SHOWERS ARE OK) until it is fully healed.

6. Tattoo should be completely healed within 4 weeks

Piercing Aftercare

1. Do not touch, play with, wiggle, twist, pick scabs or anything similar to your piercing, your hands are dirty and can cause infection.

2. Clean your piercing once a day using a saline wound wash (sterile saline wound wash in a spray can is preferred.)

3. Keep all bodily fluids off of your piercing until fully healed.

4. For faster healing soak your piercing for 5 minutes a day in a salt water mix  (1 tsp non-iodized sea salt to 1 cup warm water), disolve salt completely before soaking. Use a cup, bowl, cotton ball, q-tip, etc. (THIS DOES NOT CLEAN YOUR PIERCING, JUST HELPS WITH THE HEALING).
5. Healing time usually varies between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the piercing, do not try to change it until it is fully healed. (DO NOT PUT UNSTERILE JEWELRY IN AN UNHEALED PIERCING)!!!

Oral Piercings Aftercare

1. Rinse your mouth with a mild mouth wash or saline mouth wash any time you eat, drink, smoke or put anything in your mouth besides water.

2. Avoid spicy foods, milk, beer, dairy products, oral sex, touching your piercing, etc. until fully healed. Most oral piercings take 4 to 6 weeks to heal.

3. To help with the swelling you can eat ice chips. Any over the counter pain killer should help with the pain.

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