Shaun Glover

I started my tattoo apprenticeship in Georgia in 2005. I worked my way up the ladder over the years continually learning and trying to push myself to develop tattoo skills to the best of my abilities, continue to learn all i can and keep pushing to progress further. I eventually began tattooing at tattoo conventions and motorcycle rallies as well as working full time in a shop. I opened my first shop of my own in 2013 in Ozark Alabama and then my second location a year later in Enterprise Alabama, i have since consolidated the two shops into one at my Enterprise location. My preferred tattoo styles are realism, semi realism and new school color, anything with lots of detail and an opportunity to push myself past my present boundaries. 
Shaun GLover Tattoo Artis

Bull Frog

Straight from the concrete jungles of Wisconsin we bring you Bullfrog, our resident piercer and scab wizard. He may not be all that pretty but he will make you feel pretty with adorable adornments, all for the price of a little bit of blood, pain and a reasonable amount of cash. A true freak of nature all on his own come down and check out his curiosities and let this Yankee fill your body with holes or draw on your skin. Ribbet…..

Bull frog Tattoo Artist

Shannon Long

Shannon is retired Army “airborne” from Colorado, she was a truck driver for the Army as well as jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Durring her career she lived in many states, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Hawaii, Oklahoma and New York to name a few before deciding to settle down in Alabama. She started her tattoo career in 2010 in New York, tattooing on and off over the years. She tattooed in Oklahoma before moving to Alabama where she is now at Sideshow Tattoo and works with an amazing crew